Fall Resale Shop Hop

TC Shop Hop

We’re excited to announce we’ve added our Fall Resale Shop Hop to Traverse City, Michigan! Join us for a fabulous fun-filled day of shopping at our favorite resale shops aboard a relaxing motorcoach! Your ticket includes: continental breakfast, VIP treatment at all stores, discounts, giveaways, refreshments, and worry-free driving!

Tickets are only $63 and can be purchased in store at Gild the Lily, 450 E. Division St., Rockford, Michigan and Resale Republic, 41 Courtland St., Rockford, Michigan or via phone: (616) 863-8491. RSVP on Facebook!

Stores include:
Zany Consignments
Top Drawer
Small Wonders
Lunch/Shopping in Downtown Traverse City
Gild the Lily

*Tickets are non-refundable. Buses will close when sold out. Must have a minimum number of tickets sold for trip to run; tickets will be refunded if trip is cancelled.

See past Shop Hop stores and stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming stops!

Shop Hop: Holland

One of our two stops in Holland this Saturday is Priscilla’s Boutique. Priscilla’s Boutique is an upscale resale boutique which carries upper end clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry and other accessories. They also have trendy new clothing, purses and jewelry. Priscilla’s Boutique is for the discriminating shopper!

We have a few seats left on the Shop Hop, so sign up soon! Tickets can be purchased online through the event page, in-store at Gild the Lily and Resale Republic or over the phone, (616) 863-8491.

Priscilla’s Boutique: 12330 James St, Ste B100, Holland, MI

See our Grand Haven stop, Purple Rose Boutique.

Shop Hop: Grand Haven

Our Grand Haven stop this Saturday, May 7, on the Resale Shop Hop will be Purple Rose Boutique. This boutique is an eclectic mix of new and resale, classic and funky, vintage and current apparel, accessories, and home decor.

Plus, Purple Rose Boutique is celebrating Mother’s Day this week with 25% off the entire shop, through Saturday!  We have a few seats left on the Shop Hop, so sign up soon. Tickets can be purchased online through the event page, in-store at Gild the Lily and Resale Republic or over the phone, (616) 863-8491.

Purple Rose Boutique: 232 Jackson St, Grand Haven, MI 49417

Chalk Country Paint

If you haven’t been into our stores in awhile, then you probably didn’t know our color selection of chalk paint has expanded to 50 colors! Yes, 5-0!  So many color choices, from our old favorites like “Crisp Collar” and “Vintage Olive” to some new ones such as “Crumbcake” and “Totally Teal”. You’re sure to find the perfect color for your next furniture makeover project.

Don’t know how much to get? Not sure where to start? We have you covered for your next paint project! Our friendly staff is always on hand to help answers your questions, plus we offer a Free Chalk Paint Demo twice a month! Check our Facebook page for upcoming free classes. You can also attend a paid class where you’ll receive all of your supplies and complete a project piece in two hours. Stop in or call for more information and availability.

Here are some of our favorite pieces, painted with Chalk Country Paint, to give you a little bit of inspiration for your next project:

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Tis the Season

Last month we couldn’t believe it was November, but this month it’s actually much harder to believe it’s December. Last year we had snow by Halloween, this year you’d think that you weren’t actually in Michigan. Despite this weather anomaly, however, the Christmas spirit is alive! I’ve been talking with some of our new staff members about some of their holiday traditions and am happy to introduce them to you now.

FullSizeRender (2)

“Our 5 grandchildren look forward to coming to our home & decorating our Birthday Cake for Jesus. We emphasize the day as being Jesus’ real birthday so it’s a celebration with cake, ice cream & party hats. It’s the best way to spend Christmas day/afternoon together – and the pictures are priceless.”

photo (3)

“In Finland, Christmas is on the 24th…so Santa visits after dinner. We will take turns,(even the girls), dressing up as Santa for the little ones. He, or she, of course, will have all the gifts in a bag. We don’t keep them under the tree for this reason. That’s it. All the fun happens on the 24th.”

photo (2)

“We go to Arizona every year to our cabin in the mountains.”

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Gild the Lily and Resale Republic!!

I Can’t Believe It’s November

Yes, it IS in fact November. Christmas IS only a month away and it IS getting colder outside. Halloween just happened, Thanksgiving is on its way, and Christmas songs have already hit the radio stations.

There’s so much going on at this time of year, that it can be difficult to pin-point a particular feeling about it. Thus, I had a hard time coming up with a post for this month. I’ll hold off on writing something “Christmasy” until December because I know that some of us just aren’t ready. November is the in-between month. “Should I start Christmas shopping?”, “Do I have enough chairs for Thanksgiving?”, “Wasn’t Halloween like, a week ago?” Here’s a video I found that pretty much sums up November, the ‘weird’ month. Enjoy…


P.S. We’re already feeling “Christmasy” here at Gild the Lily and Resale Republic🙂

photo 2 (14) photo 3 (14) photo 4 (10) photo 5 (7)

Year One

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last written but I will try to make it up to you by springing you with a plethora of pictures. As some of you may know, we at Resale Republic are nearing our one year anniversary of being open (in November). So many great things have happened over the past year and we can’t wait to see what’s ahead of us in the years to come. So please enjoy this year-in-review gallery, and thanks for being a part of our resale family.

988557_506014726213365_1073934710238408282_n 1506624_445410245607147_5181671153572222085_n 1618682_475824692565702_8428380720782677991_n 10389653_402317089916463_3336454573254007191_n 10421385_478592075622297_2998557874240756136_n 10423848_478281862319985_8064538898600812521_n 10424316_407933842688121_1590940300410800138_n 10606321_478330498981788_1300169390208264106_n 10712603_454143104733861_4175813691436612884_o 10849950_411657742315731_5629504519506372889_n 10887269_442533069228198_7830138308912446441_o 11025991_454143128067192_7433251431698700292_o 11035972_475824622565709_8854866590552518849_n 11137162_475237342624437_3515080303411556462_n 11251167_498068830341288_6714284137206489335_n photo 2 (1) photo 4


How Do You Do – Part 3

This week I’d thought I’d highlight the ladies that started it all! Introducing the creators of Gild the Lily and Resale Republic, mother-daughter duo, Kim Johnson & Carol Keller! Here’s some fun facts about these awesome ladies:


Kim (on the left):
1. If she could come back as a piece of furniture, it would be a dining room table.
2. She is deathly afraid of ushering at church.
3. Kim taught aerobics in college
4. She has loved running the store with her mom these past 12 years.
5. Kim has 3 beautiful kids.

Carol(on the right):
1. She has a very uncontrollable laugh.
2. Carol used to sell hose and hydraulics.
3. She loves to color.
4. Carol hasn’t had flour or sugar products for 5 years
5. She has more clothes of her size in her closet than the store does.

We have got plenty more staff members for you to meet and we’d love to hear some fun facts about our customers! This weekend would be a great time to come meet us at the Harvest Festival downtown Rockford! Happy Fall!!

Amy(not pictured)


This week’s post is not as much of a tear-jerker but I think it does include some information worth knowing.

As some of you may not know, we have a small location in downtown Greenville. It’s inside Jerry’s Paint Store and houses some furniture and clothing. We don’t do consigning out there as I’m only able to be there once a week, but we like to keep it fresh and different with items we bring over from Resale and Gild.

So if you’re in the Greenville area or you’re out buying paint, go to Jerry’s Paint Store and take a look at our selection!

photo 1 (5) photo 1 (6) photo 2 (6) photo 2 (7) photo 3 (6) photo 3 (7)


Survivor Chair

There are few stories that I’ve come across since working in retail, that I would consider an absolute honour to tell. About a week ago, I met a woman that presented me with one such opportunity. However, in order to tell this story well, I need to start further back than last week.

It was in the 1970s, the Vietnam War was taking America by storm and many of her sons from home. Steve Bronkema was drafted into service, leaving his wife, Mary, and young daughter, Stacie, back in Michigan. Stacie was too young to understand what it meant for her “soldier daddy” to be so far from home and Mary wasn’t sure if Steve would ever make it back.

Mary decided that she and Stacie needed to do something for Steve for when he would return from war. They went to a furniture store in Sparta and found a beautiful “Sleepy Hollow” chair. With the war going on, the Bronkemas were living on food stamps and couldn’t reasonably spend their money on a chair, but Mary wanted Steve to have something extra special to come home to. She felt that by investing so much in this goal, it would have to mean that her husband would make it. The chair cost $300 and the furniture salesman allowed Mary and Stacie to make weekly payments until it was paid off.

Stacie would find a quarter on the sidewalk and use it to pay for her “soldier daddy’s chair.” The most they paid at a time was $3 but the kind salesman treated it as though it was $100. And after months and months, the Sleepy Hollow chair was delivered to the Bronkema’s home. Stacie watched as the chair was being brought into their house letting everyone know that no one was to sit in that chair as it was only for her soldier daddy. She and her doll, “Baby Love” would look after the chair and wait for the day Steve would return to see his special spot.

Steve did return, and after spending his days in a truck in a dirt field in Germany, he got to spend them with his girls, at home, in his soldier daddy chair. This chair would remain with the Bronkemas in all of their homes up until their current one. The chair was worn from extensive use and served its purpose for a good 20 years or so. Mary and Steve tried finding another one, but found out that those chairs were no longer made. The rarity of this chair was made clear after spending years of searching, they finally had to give up hope of finding a Sleepy Hollow Chair.

About a month ago, Mary was walking around our furniture area in Gild the Lily as she does every few weeks. She was turning around a corner when something caught her eye. It was a foot stool that could only belong to a Sleepy Hollow chair. She looked up and to her amazement, saw an exact likeness to her husband’s special chair. The piece was in mint condition and was the same colour and size as her old one. We were selling this chair for $300.

Mary started crying when she took in this sight. Sandi, our furniture expert, told Mary that a piece such as this one was called a “Survivor Piece.” These chairs were made only in Michigan and only for a short period of time. Without hesitation, Mary bought the new chair and took it home, where it now sits in the library, next to a picture of the original soldier daddy chair.

Whilst I listened to Mary tell this story to me last week, I watched Steve as he walked through the store subtly wipe some tears away. Mary too, was tearing up and I was fighting the urge as I wrote their story down.

I have worked in consignment for about 8 years now and have never come across anything like this. It makes me wonder about the pieces we do get in. What is simply a chair to one person, is a family member to another. I think what truly drew me to this story was the simplicity in Mary and Stacie’s gift. A special spot for Steve when he returned. I know that Mary and her family will continue to share this story with those they come in contact with, and we at Gild the Lily will not easily forget it. After all, stories are best told by the survivors.